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Proposal Tips
Five proposal "to-dos" leading to the "I dos."

5 Proposal Tips

1. Choose whether or not you would like the proposal to be a surprise. Will you discuss it with her beforehand? Will the day or place of the proposal give away your surprise? Will you ask her father for permission - will he keep the secret? In general, most women prefer a surprise proposal.

2. Find out what kind of diamond she prefers. Your bride will cherish this purchase forever, so you want it to be the ring she has always dreamed for. Try asking friends and family members for clues. Point out pictures in catalogues and browse at the mall. Ask her what she thinks of a diamond’s shape, colour or size.

3. Location, Location, Location. This part will be forever memorable, especially in the photos and videos that will be taken! You have some choices here. Propose somewhere romantic or maybe at a place that holds sentimental value to your relationship - the location of your first date or the site of your favorite pastime together.

4. You don't have to go broke to propose. Turn a routine evening into something special. Watching television,having leftovers for dinner or a board game night turned into a wedding proposal can be creativity turned romance. Also, consider using your words instead of your wallet. A "Why I love you" poem will mean more to her then a dozen roses. (It will last longer too.) Try incorporating hobbies she enjoys, a favourite movie or a favourite book into the proposal.

5. Have a plan. Make sure all reservations are made, and that she will be available. Check her calendar for work, family and social activities to make sure nothing will come up. Also, you might want to practice your lines in front of a mirror or in the car before proposing - chances are you will get tongue-tied on the spot. Keep in mind that she will tell the proposal story for years to come; don't let it be "He had me at an um."